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whose plan am I under?

its not too early to make a resolution to read Gods Word!    A great verse which i read this morning is in Isaiah 55:8-9-  OUR plans are never what GOD”S plans are….odd how we think we have all the answers, all the plans, & most of all take credit for “all” of the finished product!  may your steps be “towards” God- not “away” from God.

“laughter is the best medicine”….learned from one of “HIS-SAINTS” from a lady called Jackie (proudly to say- A.K.A. —“MOM”) she truly had a one of kind laugh! i can still see her smile & here her laughter through out my days as well as in my dreams…It is getting closer to a year now, since mom has been transfered to her “heavenly-home” i know its full of music, singing & being in total presence of “THE MASTER”.  


One comment on “whose plan am I under?

  1. I agree, it is so wonderful to be in God’s word daily. And laughter truly is the best medicine. Don’t know who will read this but, I too know the lady named Jackie. For I am her daughter as well. She did have such a special laugh that I can still hear in my mind! I await the day when I will see her again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Denise.

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