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a standing order?

"Rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in Heaven."

a standing order

: most of the time what comes to mind is giving blood… like when my husband was on coumadin for awhile after having his stroke. some other thoughts do come to mind….

when attending a drama/play we stand to applause the performance.. when attending a wedding we stand in honor of the bride to be … when attending church we stand to sing praises to our LORD…when attending a musical we stand to applaud the musicians & singers…when attending a sports game we stand for our national anthem….when in the presence of a fully dressed military ranked person we stand & salute!

YET, we dont want to stand here on earth to move our feet towards an unsaved person which will take up some of our time;

YET, we dont stand for Jesus when we hear HIS name being misused or thrown around so loosely;

YET, OUR LORD forgives us for not standing….HE STOOD in my place & yours…

Amazing isnt it? Jesus under-stands the flaws, the bitter attitudes of HIS children, the childish desires of heart at times… & of course for those of us who stray as one of HIS CHILDREN——HE provides a path with it being our choice! Arent you glad HIS-WORD has Stood the test in your life?

What if…there were no such thing as a “standing-order” ? there would be no noise, no applaud, no performances, no self pride….no recognition, no HONOR! most of all no earthly applause  (as it speaks in HIS -WORD of seeking our rewards on earth then why would we deserve them in Heaven)


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