if i were a news-reporter?

if i were a news-reporter…

interview with Jesus:

1. Sir, have you traveled in & out of peoples hearts….how can this be possible?

2. Sir, how can you describe this place called “Heaven” in your own words…?

3. Sir, have you ever tried some foods which you didnt really have an aquired taste for?

4. Sir, how many times have you forgiven me the times I have been disappointed in life?

5. Sir, were you disappointed in me being more of “me” than more of “YOU”?

6. Sir, you always gave special talents to people…did I use mine effectively?

7. Sir, did your heart break each time mine did? how many tears did i shed in my life?

8. Sir, did you ever break your parents heart?

9. Sir, did your clothes & shoes ever wear out? you didnt worry about fashion…

10. Sir, do you cringe everytime someone says your name in vain?

11. Sir, do you remember your moms laughter or your dads custom made homes ?

12. Sir, did you have any close friends while growing up?

13. Sir, did you feel alone when the massive crowds disowned  or abandoned you?

14. Sir, didnt your feet hurt from always walking so much…..blisters?

15. Sir, people have considered you god…& not “GOD”…… can you explain this?

16. Sir, you love music..what is your favorite song?

17. Sir, your miracles were given because of ones faith…how many  did you give me?

18. Sir, do you have a count of all the unborn babies that were tossed away like trash?

19. Sir,  why is it so difficult to live a life without some regrets?

20. Sir, since your job is full time why do we act/think its only part time?

21. Sir, you never were a millionare yet you had “just enough”…

22. Sir, what was your favorite sport? did you play any sport?

23. Sir, how did it feel in your heart/mind when talking to God the Father?

24. Sir, good thing we dont know the timing of our departure from earth….we would be in a performance role to complete our so called bucket list.

25. Sir, thank you for your Son dying on the cross for me, saving me by your Grace & most of all resurrecting your son to give me an eternal place to look forward to …..your time is never up even though mine is  in writing this !  “Your presence is required” not just a suggestion in my life, but a full time resident. I am just a lowly servant who is a  continuous work in progress.


3 comments on “if i were a news-reporter?

  1. I got this froman old friend of mine, Henry Branch, I felt compled to let you know about how much I loved this “Food For Thought” I am a Deacon at First Covenant Church in Oakland California and this just goes to show how the Word and The Thoughts of Godly people are spread. Stay Encouraged Louis

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