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by appointment only?

what does your calendar say about you? if Jesus were to look at my calendar…what would he think?

 dont know about your calendar-mine is full of doctor appointments, lunch/dinner plans with friends, phone numbers that i am not suppose to forget to write in my personal phonebook, birthdays, holidays, many reminders of bills to pay, chorale practice, concerts to sing in with destinations,  (no wonder i need a bigger calendar every year!)

my calendar also has: appointments to visit friends in their homes, or visit in hospitals, along with vacation plans which gives me a reason to draw arrows  or highlight these important dates though out the year.

the thought: whats missing if a stranger walked into my home and took a glance at my calendar? the word “GODS-HOUSE”…which is a designated journey thats placed on the highest of  my appointments during the year. The phrase “As for me and my HOUSE we will serve the LORD” has been coming to mind quite often. I feel blessed to have this MAN called JESUS always keeps HIS appointed time with me….although my calendar seems full, HIS never is. There are no cancelations with HIS appointments!

If you have lost your way….there is always a “detour” along the path; but finding it has to be your idea.


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