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A Peculiar Presence….

It is a promise which we can claim…that God dwells in the hearts of HIS people as they take HIS-steps. Although we are not always in God’s favor, HE is actively near to us. To feel HIS presence is simply un-describable.  To say to someone who is a total stranger the words: “May God Bless You” seems to leave an impact… in a  flash moment of thought perhaps  they were receiving a small Blessing from one of God’s messengers….( at just the right time?) at least I have this impression.

We are what I think may be considered in a tutorial mode: as a child of God needs guidance, training, teaching of discipline, applying what we have learned to our life experiences, getting to “know HIM” not just to know of HIM.

Does God still speak in a small voice? yes, definetly if we are doing the listening instead of the talking…. I am so thankful for Godly parents that raised us 4 kids to become adults with a desire to know of this man named Jesus.


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