Wash me, oh Lord…

"wash ME, O LORD...."


Wash me, oh Lord…

for my eyes have seen some terrible things: on television, in the restaraunt, in my friends & my family, in my attitude towards others expressed thru my eyes, homeless people & i sometimes see the hollowness in their face? children who are being abused by their parents? the drunk person who got too close to me in church…, does that person need money or clothes?

Wash me, oh Lord…

for my ears have heard some terrible things: around  people that i love dearly, around strangers i encounter everyday, the so called language of todays kids…is it foreign? it sounds like it should be..on the television which families are watching? in the music which is suppose to be spiritual? in the gossip i may have heard last week? or yesterday?the cussing/swearing that sticks in my head like a record being played over and over…

Wash me, oh LORD….

for my mind has thought some terrible things: my attitude has been wrong, my changing of heart i am fighting the battle against satan, to seek revenge when its not my place to think i am “the-judge”, not forgiving a friend who has wronged me…, not controling my thoughts therefore out of the mouth comes a wrong opinion

Wash me, oh LORD…

for my feet has taken me to the wrong places: should i have walked away instead of speaking my mind to get the last word? should not of stayed to watch this movie? here is a great one…walking for excercise? whats this… spent too much money just because, too busy in life to shake off the dust ” of the world ” as i walk in the door to my family? fearful of walking into a church because people think its silly?

 the journey always a work in progress. Yet i often wonder ….since The LORD knows, sees & hears all- what does he think i should of done? or why did i act so stupid about such a minor thing? I think Jesus is in Heaven thinking…she still doesnt get it


2 comments on “Wash me, oh Lord…

  1. Wow! such interesting thoughts. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I often feel the same way. We can control what we watch and hear as you stated so elegantly.

    • slowing down whats that? i tend to notice more details the older i get! i think when i spent a year walking/seeing thru pats eyes it brought me to a new perspective in my life. in slowing down: passing judgments,being in a hurry when driving, being in a hurry to finish someone talking/sharing their issues in life…& not listening; yet seeing their expressions and describing to pat what their expression looks like? does this make sense…

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