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fill my cup, LORD…

fill my cup...fill it up & make me whole!

phone rings….hello, yes i heard she was getting married!— what, she is only 17?—- no, i dont know the young man—-sure i can  come over & pray with you—-i dont understand, she hasnt finished school, worked a day in her life, got a drivers license?—-oh, its love which cant wait?—-yes, i do know how you feel when your daughter leaves home—–you will hold her in your arms as a little girl it seems for the last time, you will not want to let her go, when you sit on her bed in her room your mind will take you back in thought to years of watching her fall or cry from a broken arm—-yes, i know she wont need your advice anymore (it seems)—-you will spend the rest of your life still seeing her as a teenager or child who desperatly needed guidance—-(tears) yes, she will come back home to see/visit you, but it will be on her  terms not yours—-ok, I am here if you need to talk woman to woman (am a great listener-as learned from my mom) i wish my mom was here…—-you know a moms place holds a special place in daughters heart as she ponders all of the decisions she has made for her daughter in their  lifetime—-yes, i know your daughter loves you!—-never think she doesnt, she just has other priorities in her life + remember she has also will be adopting a new family in all of this process—-it will be hard at first, but you can do it!—well, i better let you go—-remember to tell all of this to God in your prayers, because he knows the condition of your heart/mind.

fill my cup LORD….

phone rings: hello, oh hi havent talked you in awhile—–oh, am sorry to hear that—-how old was she?—-was she saved?—–well, i know you dont want to hear this but…

fill my cup, LORD…

phone rings: hello, yes i sent you the money 10 days ago—–yes, it was inside a card for your birthday—-what, it wasnt enough?—-its all i had extra to give you for the moment—-i love you …but, this can stop or come to an end if you dont really want to cash my check i sent you out of my concern for you—ok, i will call you in a month instead of next week (i have bills to pay too?)

fill my cup, LORD…

phone rings: hello, yes i am her daughter—-no, i didnt know she was in the hospital?—-what, she is in ICU?——ok, it will take me hours to get there—ok, i will call the rest of the family…..

fill my cup, LORD…

phone rings: hello, yes this is he—–what? my son was killed in a shooting?—–no, he was there by himself—–yes, he has blonde hair—-(phone drops out of hand) as the floor is where i find myself when i open my eyes back up…

fill my cup, LORD…

phone rings: yes, i am on my way there now—-what, you want a divorce?—-how could you do this?–May God help you….i am a good mother & you cant prove that i am not—-thats your choice if you dont want to give your own chilren any money until the last day of the month—-you can lie to me, but you cant lie to  God—those words i will no longer have to hear or feel the pain in which you caused me for all of those years—-what, you have a baby on the way?—court cost, yes i can borrow money from my dad—-

fill my cup, LORD…





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