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time out….get in the penalty box?

time out...get in the "penalty box"!!

time out get in the penalty box…

if a woman were to be referee:

 no spitting on the ground…

no dirty socks, shoes, helmets &(language)…

no sunflower seeds or other seeds spitting on the ground…(your mother doesnt work here will be posted at all bench dug-outs  & locker rooms)

buy one free coupons for all games…

children get in free…

food courts serving no liquor

no pushing, shoving, or pulling, adjusting? of the uniform

no gum attaching under the bench…no gum on the bathroom walls

no throwing around the water containers …no cup? then no drink

no deodorant, no playing time

no bad attitudes…

no talking back…

of the above offenses: you will be sent to the “penalty-box” A.K.A. as the time -out square for all the moms to take pictures  of…for those of you boys who are old enough to know better! you will have to play nice on the playground when you step out of the house…..

we are gonna clean up the dug-outs…locker-rooms…and of course the trash talking? your mother taught you better than this….


One comment on “time out….get in the penalty box?

  1. You had me laughing so hard my side hurt! Thanks for sharing.

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