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deaths waiting room?

well if you can imagine this….a trip if i would dare to picture in my mind!

Satan at the desk: alright quite down in here this lady is asking a question…You overthere, once you are in this room there is no light-switch

deaths “waiting” room…..entrance only

to turn on. no, its open seating, cost? only “YOUR-SOUL” is required.

denise: as i walk down towards the so called “dark-room” there are no lights on & the door has a glow upon it with a sign reading “welcome-ALL LOST SOULS“. there is a waiting room full of people, with a desk & a man who has fire in his eyes, as i hear the sounds of wheeping, wailing, the word “FEAR” comes to mind…

Satan: what, are you here again? you ask of me why?

denise: yes, why did you take my stepson at age 21? he was turning his life around; a part of my husband died that day….you even changed his heart/mind to not attend “HIS-HOUSE for 6 months..

satan: its simple…i just change the hearts/mind of one of “HIS-CHILDREN” when they are at their weakest. I have had lots of training in this and am an expert. When their minds/hearts are pityful i can claim their thoughts you know….

denise: but,you are not always victorious, just temporarily on the “THRONE”. Yes, i know you are always in the midst…for your presence can be felt by Gods chosen people.

satan: what is your complaint this time? wait…chosen people? you mean even the ones who dont darken the door of “HIS-HOUSE“?

denise: you tried to take my dad a little less that a week ago? you changed his heart/mind to quit on being “HIS-SERVANT“? you almost succeeded….

satan: yes, that WAS my plan…his heart/mind is already on that place called “HEAVEN”? i almost persuaded him because he is very weak you see…

denise: but, God stepped in & prayers were sent to “HIM” in my behalf…for you see dad is one of “HIS-SERVANTS” & his heart aches for the love of his life “a wife of 50 years”.

satan: deaths waiting room has no need for “HIS-LIGHT” to creep in….you see that candle sputtering? its the prayers that are trying to reach “THIS-ROOM”; there are no forms to fill out here, no family to claim, no voice to be heard, no God to seek, most of all no returning to that place called “HEAVEN”. For you see, once you are inside the gate of this room there is no exit. Dont you see all the “pictures” on the wall here? I have an account of every soul that “I” have captured the heart of. My mark is upon “ALL” of them….i dont have to lift a finger as i have plenty of willing demons to assist me; do you not know that i have a presence to be felt? i can be anywhere “HE”  can….

denise: its a good thing i am here just visiting…the “LIGHT” is on down the hallway…so I will be seeing you another day. One of “HIS-ANGELS” will escort me back home; on the way out my eyes catch a glimpse of a framed sign which reads: “thy foolish kindred”.

satan: what no final question?

denise: yes, one more “you have given the word fear-to be a huge burden”…. which all of us here tend to carry on our backs thinking we are like you & can always be in control of everything…yet, WE have “HIS-SPIRIT” which directs, guides and assures us that we can never become a “LOST-SOUL” for YOU to claim.

{just in case you are wondering: this was a dream i had last night-which woke me at 5:30 this morning} their was a clock in the room during this conversation…so I knew the exact times. wouldnt you know my computer all of the sudden did not want to work  in this dream by connecting me to the internet? finally around 3pm somehow a miracle of pushing keys with my eyes closed and it is now working… amazing huh? no, i dont bind satan from attacking me, i assure myself that i have been washed by the “BLOOD of JESUS” which is my strength & power. although satan has been highly present this week…as he also was when my mom died. I celebrate in the fact it has been since december 2nd that i have only been wearing my eyepatch at night to drive…biigggg adjustment for me in my life! I AM HUMBLED BY THE GRACE & LOVE OF MY LORD TO GIVE ME BACK MY SIGHT (as it was like being a blind person for a year…) i hope this has a small impact on you as i know most of you have experienced waiting in “deaths-waiting room”.


One comment on “deaths waiting room?

  1. Wow! What a dream you had. I do believe that it was a dream given to you by God not only to ease your troubled mind but to remind you, as well as everyone else the power that satan has if we let him. Praise the Lord we are his children and he protects and keeps us safe if we will just trust and obey.

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