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whats on your plate of “daily-bread…”

many people think of the “Lords Prayer” when you ask what is the  most common prayer spoken of in the Bible.

What kind of words are you thinking of which describes your intake of calories you intake during the day…what thoughts are eating at you? it seems that we get sick from feeling the weight of food ( too much that is..) we all tend to serve up junk food at times because its the quickest or fastest way to grab a meal on the run..

Does your day begin or end with Gods WORD on your platter? are you in charge of the food, or is the food in charge of you…to be perfectly honest i am a “bread” junkie…i have to have bread of some sort it seems! what if the only thing to  be served was salad? i think i would survive. what if the salad was served 7 days a week? hmmm i might decide to add fruits to my diet. This all makes me think of the “manna” which was provided by God in the Old Testament. I hope you are thankful for God’s provision in your “Daily-Bread”.               (Romans 12:1-2)


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