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free stuff?

Are you "free" from the bondage of SIN?

yes, you heard right…free stuff!…… 1. you are free to move about this country & choose the neighborhood which you will raise your family in… 2. you are free to attend Gods-House to worship or simply bow in prayer 3. you are free to shop for groceries where ever you want 4. you are free to cook whatever types of food that fancies you 5. you are free to discipline your children , so they wont grow up to become “the most wanted” 6. you are free to have an attitude for the whole day if you didnt start your day right… 7. you are free to be silent in prayer as your dreams are crushed right before your eyes… 8. you are free to visit your parents as they get older with age….they may require more of your time… 9. you are free to listen to satans music as it fills your mind/heart 10. you are free to walk the streets in your city, although guns are being more present… 11. you are free to chose your destination at death-“HEAVEN VERSES HELL…” 12. you are free to pick your friends whom you share your concerns & cares… 13. you are free to love un-conditonally a child which requires extra: time, patience, love & heartaches… 14. you are free to be a servant for Christ even when you get nothing in return? 15. you are free to say “no” when the so called job is the wrong job for you…16. you are free to say “no” when God gives you one last chance to say yes to HIM.

God’s WORD says: “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us  free & be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”  Galations 5:1.


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