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wheels in motion….where have they taken you recently?

I am thinking of what type or kind of wheels there are, AT out finger tips to use….a few ideas do  come to mind as my wheels are turning!

training wheels-those little magic wheels which helps our child ride a bike for the first time….

“keep those wheels turnin in my brain”?

wheels on my grand-daughters “little red-wagon”

the wheel which guides the ship at sea….who is the “captain”?

the 2-sizes of wheels on a drag racing car!

the wheels on the shopping cart which carries my groceries

wheels on the airplane which takes me to my destination

wheels which “screech” when someone stops on a dime…

wheels of the train which are taking you to the scenic route?

wheels of the car which takes you to GODS-HOUSE

wheels of the bicycle which i use to ride (no, not the excercise one…)

wheels of the skates which my mind thinks of my girls when they were young…

wheels of the ambulance which took your husband to the emergency room…

wheels of the criminal which just robbed a bank?

wheels of the policeman as he pulls you over for speeding….

wheels of your friend who drops by unexpectedly….

wheels of the merry-go-round of life as it passes you by?

wheels of the car who just did a “hit and run”?

wheels of the car who may have just killed your child?

wheels which took you to a homeless environment, you dont live there so how would you know?

wheels which are making that terrible sound as the brake pads are now wearing out?

wheels of the truck which took you to the liquor store….no one knows?

All of these “wheels” have been used by us on a daily basis to carry us to our next destination….is your next destination on the “track” of Heaven or Hell? Your “wheels” can be traded in for brand new ones to get you back on the right track in life, simply trade in your old & tired wheels !


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