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“wisdoms compass”-if i could just head in the right direction…..

"Wisdoms Compass" which direction am I going?

Does your “inside” compass in life lead you to wish to hear from God? or wish to see God?

personally I have not learned the sense “for” or “of” directions! I like to use landmarks as my sense of direction for instance: if you were to travel to my house I would tell you right or left (not north or south) shopping malls, places to eat is what I tend to look for…
I think at times we are busy collecting all of the earthly wisdom items such as: where can I buy that? how do I get there? where can I make a “u-turn” is my favorite one….. I forget about the Purchased-Gift of the Grace of God (which gives us our greatest actions of HIS WISDOM)I see the dollare signs & street signs
while taking my adventure….until I look in my wallet which brings me back to “earth”.

As we are finding/taking our destination: “OUR-COMPASS” in our mind or better yet the GPS contraption which I just llloooovvveee keeps me going the right direction.
Does your “TRUE-NORTH” in HEAVEN keep you wondering whats in store for you when you arrive there? no baggage fees….no tickets required?                      


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