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if wisdom were to have a compass…..

capturing the compass of wisdom...

do you ever wonder if you have the words or evidence of wisdom?

Wisdom makes your face shine! it helps you practice knowledge almost like sitting at the piano for me as i quickly run through an old hymn…it is given by the Lord. The Lord makes us practice by understanding HIS-WISDOM. We have access to this wisdom by receiving a steadfast love.. (at times a required discipline is used for our foolish actions until we get the hint) maybe our “true north” is HEAVEN? The Lord delights in seeing us cultivate this seed of “wisdom”; wisdom produces discernment, not an earthly conscience like voice.

What are the traits of HIS-WISDOM? purity, peace, gentleness & open to reasoning, full of mercy & good fruits, impartial & sincere.

Is the compass which you take your direction from leading you in the right direction? Am I walking in wise or unwise steps? Am I making the best use of HIS-TIME? Am I listening to the LORDS WILL & not mine? Should I of made a “u-turn” back there a few hours, days or years ago? The Bible says: “So as to walk in a manner of worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work & increasing in the knowledge of God.”

Do you just run over the “stop-sticks” placed to turn you around in life? what about the stop signs… which tell you to go east & you choose to take YOUR route to go west.

God gives us small deposits in life, are we guarding them? not the money but family members,children, grand-children, friends & co-workers placed in our lives. Dont let Satan outwit you for we know he has a certain kind of wisdom too. Perhaps his wisdom credits are: the fallen angels, unclean spirits, spoken words of the abomination of OUR LORD, evil words spoken against others, false gods…

Is your compass leading you to the knowledge of salvation? or the wisdom to bow before HIM in prayer? If there is not light to see YOUR “compass” in life, then you are still wondering in the wilderness of darkness….Gods “compass” can lead you with direction of HIS-SPIRIT with HIS-DIRECTION as you trod to find the right way. The “compass” of life with HEAVEN’s north, EARTH’s south ….as you take steps to the east or west to turn your heart towards HIM, can be the 1st decision of this “wisdom of Gods compass.”


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