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ant or eleph-“ant”?

are you an “ant” or eleph-“ant”……

just think about the tiny little bugs called ants!

Ants: are persitent, sticks to the job when starting to build, gathering for food, works quietly, requires no supervision, cooperative worker with others, work in orderly fashion like a soldier.

are you like an ant? being persitent to share Christ with others….being commited to your job which provides for your family…work without whining or complaining….supervision not required while working (not always on break) ….working to get the job done at a 100%….being unified as you complete your task.

as for the “eleph-ants”….did you know that elephants are afraid of ants? they avoid eating trees (acacia) which have these tiny creatures on them. WHY? becuase they get inside the trunk of their noses….

Elephants: cry, play & mourn at the loss of a baby or parent; greet each other with a type of ceremony. And…if the baby is complaining/crying the family gathers around them to support & encourage them.

So are you an ANT or ELEPH-ANT?  Are you working for “THE-MAN”….or are you hardly working?

ant for hire....

  An Ant joke: One ant says…there are 3 ants ahead of me & none behind me. The 2nd ant says there are 2 ants behind me & none ahead of me. The 3rd ant says there are 

elephants carry more weight…..

2 ants ahead of me & 1 behind me. NOW…..can you figure the ant problem?  

answer: the middle “ant” is a liar because there are only 3 ants standing in line.

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