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the watchmen?

Thief or Bride?

are you the watchman?

if the “watchmen” of your HOUSE had known to watch for a thief at an exact time, you would not of suffered the house to be destroyed or robbed.The thief comes to damage in the taking & burning up of the TARES. the word IF comes to mind….for the watchmen could of prevented this from happening to his family. The opportunity will be available to get the family saved & stop the destruction from occuring.

Many spouses will see their spouse being taken by this “THIEF”….sons & daughters will be ripped away from their parents. You will have to let go of the people you love the most in life for HIS sake.

For YOU have been warned & told in advance…Jesus’ return as this “THIEF” will only surprise the {un-educated saints & sinners}. If you are in the light of HIS knowledge you wont be overtaken by the thief.

A GLOBAL MIDNIGHT will be the new time….the sun & moon will be darkened! which means it cant be an ordinary sunny day…

When this day comes….will you call HIM thief or groom?


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