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to catch a thief…..

a thief? sneaky, quiet, secret time; someday the world will be stunned & amazed when they wake up the next morning….

Our Lords RETURN will be like the sorting of the “wheat & tares” with the Tares being

to catch a theif...

Jesus Died for YOU! hanging on the cross between 2 theives

1st. The big SECRET? will be the RAPTURE which will be the most teachable moment in history…which will also be the new “edited version of the teaching of the ANTI-CHRIST”. There will be a great NOISE this day…when every eye WILL see & every EAR will hear who the “Guest-Speaker” of the day will be!

A THIEF: takes that which does not belong to him; reaps & gathers where he has not sown before. Jesus will SEEM a new “thief” due to the taking of loved ones away….during this time.

Plagues are already un-folding…the “MARK” of Jesus will be available to those who make the choice. Just think it will be the ultimate NEWS-COVERAGE on the CNN’s of the world…Will you DENY the “LAMB”…if so, how many times? The WHEAT will watch the TARES as they are puzzled & wonder “where did they go”?

Jesus will identify himself as the role of a thief…..but wont come to steal, kill or destroy those who are not HIS. OUR LORD comes as a THIEF through the “window” using HIS killing & destructive army of HIS-SERVANTS.


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