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the “crayon-box”

Gods Crayon Box

which color are YOU?

hmmm remember the crayon boxes you had when you were a kid? I do think I enjoyed the largest crayon boxes there were….to create more colors for the masterpiece?

AND…who could forget the crayon sharpener! my favorite thing about the box. Of course I often used the colors of blue as I loved to make the apperance of the sky in my mind but…couldnt quite draw what I saw?

My crayons always needed sharpening for some odd reason. I think I remember drawing animals with crayons to! As I think of the “crayon-box” now, what an amazing imagination I once had (as a child) no…still am that child….(as I am using my imagination for a grandchild now!) I need the sharpening by GOD at times as I still try to create the colorful scenes in my life. Some days if I were to pick a color the colors would all be bright, THEN….the next time if I were to pull out my canvas to color- it would change to dark colors from the crayon box of life!

Which color have you chosen for today to pull out of your “crayon-box”….Are you sharpened enough thru HIS WORD? or is your crayon dull?

Its a good thing that when you opened up the “crayon-box” not ALL of the colors were the same…Are you thankful to have your eyes to see Gods colors from HIS “crayon-box”….amazing, what if you were to describe what you were seeing to a blind person, what would you say?


One comment on “the “crayon-box”

  1. Very thought provoking! I think if I was a color I would choose red because it is bright and I think that describes my life as a Christian. I try to spread cheer and happiness to all I come in contact with.

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