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the piano….

My Jesus I LOVE THEE...

The Piano…

Twas 40 years ago this year when I began to play the keys…

practice, practice …mom would say if you want to receive this gift from THEE.

Not many teachers did I have lessons to play…

gospel & classical music are still my favorites today.

I dreamed when a child at 10 years old to play a hymn or tune….

those eight-eights intimitdating, I knew I would be playing soon.

Learning to play the right hand was my task at first you see..

then adding the left hand while playing in church, was a gift YOU gave to me.

For hours & hours you listened to me, as I played measures over again….

it must of added a headache to you as you couldnt wait till the very end.

Without your support & encouragement I would of never got this far….

For its YOU MOM who gave me love which blessed me with this start.

Enclosing I say thank you God for this woman who I dearly love…

who gave me this gift of piano, playing HIS music which is sent from above.

Many ears have heard this powerful joy as I’m playing simply for THEE….

someday I will play the “heavenly piano” to the lady with her eyes to see!


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