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its black & white…..


the blackness: seems to be a presence with the fear of the unknown? not enough light in just the right places & you will fall, lose your balance or trip over something which you dont know is there? Have you ever closed your eyes while going downstairs? what about going upstairs…do you feel safer going up? I relate alot of my life to a blindness concept since I myself struggled with a palsy in my right eye for a year. It was a terrible health issue, almost as if I were to learn something…yes, I did in fact feel like “is this a curse” from you God? This darkness aloud me a glimpse of the feeling of darkness which I never knew since I literally wore 4 eyepatches during the year. It showed me to have faith in what God provides even in the valley I was planted in it seemed to never end…Even taking a trip to disneyland with getting soaked! when people talk to me it seemed all they noticed was the patch which I was wearing, only in one color? black! distinguishing colors? hard to do in the dark isnt it?

the white: you ask whats this….it seems my eyes are opened to notice the expressions on everyones faces which I have not seen; also the voice to match the face which I had to turn to look all of the time. To appreciate LIFE & what God does to your other senses to still give you HIS-STRENGTH even in the midst of fear (like trying to drive at night…no depth perception at all) so many close calls for accidents which could of happened while driving. You see the LIGHT is something that has a dimmer switch-allowing you to see its brightness or tone it down a little lower. This light was needed for me to play the piano during this year…yes, with one eye? can you imagine..yes, then having to adjust again to playing with both eyes. To play with one eye-was like playing by the feel of the keys & listening to the sound…if I was in the correct area of the keys! I am truly Blessed to have access to HIS-LIGHT especially of HIS-WORD which speaks to me daily.


One comment on “its black & white…..

  1. You are such a beautiful christian woman both inside and out, and I know the Lord is smiling knowing you still served him even though you had the obsticale of seeing with only one eye. Keep sharing your faith Sis.

    Love ya,

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