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whats up “doc”


Bugs-Bunny!best buds....Eh whats up doc?

famous quotes from:

.  The Bugs is perhaps the most famous rabbit in the world, not bad for a make believer one is it? From Looney Tunes and appeared in animated form in many cartoons…in fact he appeared 163 clips with the catch phrase: Eh….whats up doc? well known for chewing carrots & the original voice actor for this voice was Mel Blank. As a kid I loved this character…along with the TAZmainian devil too!! “bugs-bunny’

1. dont take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive!

2. You cant shoot a wabbit…

3. say…thems fightin woids!

4. I dont ask questions, I just have fun!

5. I aint upside-downy DOC, YOU are…

6. I dares ya ta step across this line…

7. If an interesting monster cant have an interesting hairdo I dont know what this world is comin to!



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