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a shelter in the time of storm?

A Shelter In The Time Of Storm

are YOU drowning in the waters?**** " Peace, Peace Be Still"

“A Shelter in the time of Storm” ….

How many people are aboard your ship? or is it manned by just you the captain?

how big do you think the waves were on "NOAHS-ARK"

Storms can arise quickly/suddenly with one minute the wind blowing to the south softly then…next minute the storm is their like a magician casts his spell? will your ship be destroyed? are you vulnerable to the storm?

We are all vulnerable to the storms in LIFE with trouble just creeping up or catching us by surprise. How violent is the wind factor of your storm in LIFE? Is it just a slight wind…or a wind with a hurricane? Are you being beaten down by this STORM in LIFE?

The gentle wind is suddenly replaced by the violent ones..does your ocean floor have a grave-yard of ships which have  been sunk by the violence of the wind?

Is your ship secured? or has it been tied down….Is it falling apart due to the stress of the storm. The word Frap means: to wrap cables tight around the ship to keep it  secure during the storm. Do YOU have GODS WORD securely wrapped in your heart? or has the storm in your life tightly gripped YOU?

Are you in need of help….to secure your ship; some tools: ropes, cables or chains can be used to secure the ships. Do you feel a bondage weighing you down? In Ancient times: passing cables or strong ropes from one side of the ship to another kept the planks tightly together during a storm. The rope was lipped under the bow & passed along to any part of the hull which  was needed to have movement on deck.

YOU & I are often susceptible to destruction in the midst of  storms in our lives. What is the value of the “storm”…a lesson from HIM: you loose all hope having no one/no where to turn to. Cause: YOU determine what is the most important/what is not? In the “storm” of life you also find or determine what your priorities AND where GOD wants you to be during the “storm” as it rages.


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