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you walked ahead of me…..

You walked ahead of me…


You walked ahead of me… when it was time to leave this earth you see

I can remember your laughter in my dreams, as I daily think of thee

steps slower and stride is with pain, as we no longer walk hand in hand

sharing my life without you? imagine… our lifetime slipped away like sand

It seems like yesterday… when we began this road together

now the days are endless, as I wait for our “12th of never”

Do you know how much I have missed you? my heart is still broken in two… memories tightly tucked away…only one photo just of you!

Your babies are making you proud, though your eyes arent here to see

Sharing & singing a love of HIS-MUSIC, so softly & tenderly

We didnt know how hard that it would be, to live on earth without you

someday Heaven will call OUR name touring the city about a life thats true

So take my hand when I arrive to see

this lady I loved, is gently waiting for me

Jim & Jackie (in memory of jackie) "MOM"

I have prepared the final papers, for your kids to someday see

To someday walk with you again, “come quickly” LORD for thee.


One comment on “you walked ahead of me…..

  1. Nice poem Denise, it really touched me. By the way, under the picture it says I have prepared the final papers. Did Dad write that? You know he used to write years ago, have you shared any of your blogs with him? Not the ones about Mom of course, not yet anyway. I think he would enjoy reading some of them. Especially, the one about the dream you had. Just a thought.
    Love ya,’Ellie

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