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gladiator syndrome?

If I were to make a diagnosis: it would be “gladiator-syndrome” just in case your wondering why?

one: the thirst for blood from the fans/crowd

two: the glimpse which is seeked when the man falls to the ground

three: countdown of how many minutes until the breath of life is knocked out of you…at times are you watching a wrestling match?

four: the protective gear to prevent you from being bruised/beaten up?

five: paying to have this entertainment

six: the men are a shield to the most valuable player…

seven: celebrations take place for the winner everytime

eight: man down? just replace it with another one on the team…

nine: anger management is needed for the one being hit?

ten: the code of dress is the same for all who are in the arena….

eleven: trained to kill? momma taught you to play nice on the playground….

twelve: missing teeth? just wear a mouth-guard… which is why i think “football” should be renamed to “gladiators“…..for all of the kings & queens to be entertained!!

thirteen: its like a track team….you will be in shape when they are done with you

fourteen: and finale? a trophy for you to share with how many people….

fifteen: a game to see who gets there first…..your are aloud to have dirty clothes for 1/2 the day, while playing in the mud?


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