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measuring up….

have you ever thought of different types of measuring tools?

here are a few:

cooking volumes-measuring cups, spoons, weight-scales

pressure-gages, temperature, speed, time, acceleration, angle, area-mass, capacity, tape,

One of my favorite verses: John 3:16. Sometimes we use measuring cups, spoons to make our holiday cookies…although we have to use the right amount of everything from our cookbook. This makes me think of measuring God’s love- found in Psalms 23:1-5 which speaks of HIS love runneth over in form of cup;  & of course the Great Shepherd.

What about the measurement of time? we use our watch or cell phone to see how much time we have left.. God’s love is from everlasting to everlasting, which doesnt require a human measurement! Psalms 103:17

How wide, how long, how high, how deep- is the Love of our Savior? Are you experiencing life to its fullest measure or is there a time limit….Am so thankful for a Loving, merciful God who forgives me for all of the times when I have “child-like” faith instead of faith of “moving a mountain”. What “measurements” are you taking to make the proper adjustments in your life?


One comment on “measuring up….

  1. this was written the very day which my husband died; after my sweetheart taking me out to sonic since he was not feeling well – we were only home for an hour when had to call 911. this is when it all began for the next 6 hours (he died at 2:20 am ….after i had just went home to catch some sleep as my eye with palsy in it was very weak at the time) little did i now it would be the last time for OUR goodbye.

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