You left me here, Oh Lord…..


My Grace is sufficient for YOU....

You left me here, Oh Lord

as time stood still for me

ever so gently the wind blew that day

He IS all I need.....

 reminding me “stay close to THEE.”

Flashbacks of laughter, yet fearful of tears? no twas HEAVEN he was waiting to see.

with moments of laughter, just the day before as he shared from his heart to me.

You left me here, Oh Lord as I knew this DAY was near…,

for years I prayed for your mercy to be felt so deep and greatly sincere.

My eyes were so tired, yet you gave me strength each day

to not want to miss a view of the BLESSINGS YOU sent our way.

You left me here, Oh Lord as I cling to your bountiful GRACE,

for I know your feet will carry me as I walk with your warm embrace.

My tears will get less with time, as I put my faith more in YOU,

years of a caregiver & wife? now I have to learn again what to do.

Thank YOU for leaving me here Oh Lord, as I share from my heart of  THEE..

remind me everyday to be GRATEFUL of your love which is a gift to ME.


2 comments on “You left me here, Oh Lord…..

  1. I am thinking of you often. God is GOOD. He is always with us!

  2. DENISE,
    Such heartfelt words. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am happy to know you are doing well under the circumstances. I Love You SIs.


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