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where the ANGELS have trod?

The trees in the fields, shining brown and golden green;

textures of shadows beneath them, the artist will redeem.

HIS music can be heard, from a house down in the field

the piano is playing softly now, listen closely as we yield.

The love for him reminds her, to keep her heart and  eyes on God;

imagine that to step and run, or to walk where the ANGELS HAVE TROD.



The flowers ever so blooming,  as they rise to HIS command;

vibrant and full of life they seem, though bent from darkness they strongly still can stand.

The birds are singing in harmony, as the sky has shown its face;

HEAVENS beauty is displayed on a picture, with music of HIS amazing GRACE.

The day began so quietly, as the rain showed its blissful glow; 

for the season of fall has come, with HEAVENS colors on OUR pallet below.

HIS voice spoke “be-still”, as the winds carried the leaves to the ground,

the river with its current, slowly moving yet no sound?

oh, to walk where the ANGELS  have trod….




One comment on “where the ANGELS have trod?

  1. Hey Sis,

    Really enjoy the poems you write. Keep them coming. You have such a wonderful insight on things. I am truly blessed to have a sister who loves the Lord as much as you do and is not afraid to share with others. I do hope this next trip you take will be an inspiration for you as well. I love you Densie. We will pray for your safe travel.

    We love you……………………………

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