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Death intruded, yet I still hear HIS voice

death intruded, yet I still hear HIS voiceTwas in the early morning, as i woke up from my dream Heavens voice so quietly awakened me speaking— “this child will I redeem”.

We spent so many hours with our hearts drawn close to thee,

for borrowed time allowed us, through MY eyes you could see.

Although we had your wisdom, still rugged paths we faced?

You had to remind us as a child & parent….your steps must first be placed.

[death intruded yet I still hear HIS voice….]

I can hear your voice in the gentle breeze, as I sit in the garden to pray,

at times the fountain of my heart is painful, but YOU take my tears away.

The songs we sang together, as they often flood my soul

memories of practicing at home with laughter- even though you were harder to control!

Your smile is missed so greatly, in my mind its like your there….

music fills more hours now, perhaps there are angels un-aware?

So many questions with no answers, as you left this “blessed-day”

but Gods love will surround me with HIS love that is sent my way.

[death intruded yet I still hear HIS voice]

Has “death intruded” so abruptly? no— permission is always granted… for OUR God needs no judge for HIS decisions to be made


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