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Today began as any other day, brightness of the sun simply warmed me with its smile

the wind was calm with the fragrance of rain, not a sound could be heard for a mile

as I took steps towards the puddle in sight, full of flowers beaming by the lake,

my soul cried out to YOU Jesus…. “more sorrow I just cant take”.


Gently the voice spoke to me, sitting quietly waiting by the shore,

listening to laughter from the distance, reminded me of a comedian-which I had loved before.

For now my job is to carry the stories–with present, future and past

even if he’s not in his earthly body, these memories still will last.


So take my hand and walk with me, for today I share something new

remind me Lord that you have carried me thru, even on the days when feeling so blue.

Today has brought my heart and mind, ever so closely to rely on THEE…

just order my steps in you Oh Lord, giving thoughts of loving others instead of ME.


yesterday, today & tomorrow


One comment on “today……

  1. Denise,

    This was beautiful, thanks for sharing your thoughts. It must be so hard for you to have so many wonderful memories and not be able to see or hear your Pat. I am so proud of you for staying strong and i love you so very much. Keep relying on him to take care of you and know just like Jesus i am always here for you.

    Love you,

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