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Christmas through the EYES of Heaven

the prelude: Jesus didnt deserve to be hung on a wooden cross to suffer the SINS of the human race. We focus on christmas carols, have friends gather together with us, enjoying time with our family-which is what christmas looks like through our eyes.

What do you think Christmas looks like in Heaven’s eyes? I have been a christian for 40 years & have heard the Christmas story 40 times….from a variety of perspectives such as: Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the inn-keeper who didnt have any room for Jesus, the wisemen, the animals in the stable perhaps?

What about the view from Heaven? The mother of this baby Jesus: did she wear colors of royalty this day…. after all a KING was to be born. NO, she was an extra-ordinary MOTHER who was chosen by God. Not having any servants, a palace to sleep in, nor a warm bath to take to bring a calmness over her as time was near. Her husband chosen by God, not by his parents nor hers. The magi dressed in royalty-since they represented the “best” in the land. The brightness of God’s light in the midst…yet the view of the earthly birth which had a light of its own to leave an everlasting promise for all eternity. The city-people who shared their sacred ground for such a “babe” who was to be born with no hospital? God’s grace hath shown its face in the midnight hour, with no permission from an earthly KING….

Word got out, that there was a “new” son born BUT- not just an ordinary son, not an ordinary day. Heaven was the greatest audience for the Glory was shone & Love took your breath away…..time was documented for the world to take part in-not to be kept a secret like some sort of mystery. Can you imagine looking down from Heaven’s view….seeing with “Heavens-EYES”.

this thought came today as it will be my first year to ponder [with my husband not present] experiencing the holidays alone– to see with “heavens-eyes”…. from my earthly perspective?


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