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in a moments notice…

Luke 2:1-20

perhaps the most well-known christian symbol is the manger scene.

Manger scene: do you notice Mary, Joseph & the shepherds are all looking the same direction?

Joseph in his mind probably flashed back to when the angel visited him in his dream-told him to name this “babe” Jesus. hmmm…. the role of  a “stepfather”  to the Son of God? this baby is going to take away Sin?

Mary: Gabriel had said to her “this baby would be called the Son of the Most High”; I wonder

when I am suppose to know when he is to become King? reign for ever…..no one can live for ever?

the shepherds: this little infant is “The Christ” , shouldnt the Lord be born in a palace? how is this

 child going to bring “peace” to THIS earth?

Where would I:  stand at the “manger”, how close to the manger would I dare stand-knowing who

this child is? what about the smell…shouldnt this child of had at least a clean environment? to

 meet this child’s parents-what an honor it would be! laying in a feeding trough-is the reason why

 I am forgiven today; would I talk to the shepherds?  pondering what my eyes have just seen….

twas truly a

Joy to the world, the Lord has come....

 “silent-night” in the midst of darkness. I think I would have shed tears the entire time

of knowing a child would be the Savior of the world, yet laying in such a dirty, musty piece of



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