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Trivial Pursuit or Pursuit of God?

when God..


by definition pursuit: act of chasing after something or someone; a hobby of some sort; striving for something; an effort made to try to achieve or obtain something over a period of time.


Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth!” Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing…Is our worship with enthusiasm, is our “shout” of homage and appreciation?  in a few words:worship is meant to be vocal, public, organized and the most expressive towards OUR God.  Coming into HIS presence “face to face” even though we may be weak.  

As a person who tends to sing mildly, i do sing with all that i have when it comes to worship. At times when we are singing about our faith: it can become contagious as you see the smile on someones face while you are singing….when Gods word is expressed you gain a common ground with a stranger in an instant!


Am I in “pursuit” of God, or making the repeated mistake of pursuits of praise?  His symphony of praise reaches me to the most inner-being inside my heart; although I have not written in close to a year now, i am reminded of Gods Grace that has kept me in tune spiritually while numerous things emotionally have attacked me deeply as a “wounded-soldier”….BUT to take Gods armour and use  it in an effective way has carried me even when it feels like the “shaddows of death” have been inching their way into my heart for most of the year. note to self of the task is: when entering into HIS Worship environment, I need to step aside while HE brings my heart/mind back to the priorities in which I should be focusing on.  I can gladly say to myself- God is ALWAYS good, ALWAYS loving, ALWAYS faithful.


Are you passionate about worship? or is God just a “trivial” type of being which is there part time; what about pursuing after God?  May the GRACE of the Lord, and the fellowship of HIS-SPIRIT be upon you.  Have a Blessed Day-


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