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is your photo black and white or in color?

Everyone has a “photographic-memory”….BUT some folks dont have the correct film or better yet-no film at all!——— is our judgement made by what we see in a persons true colors, or are we trying to expose the light in which the ground they stand upon.  Are we in “alignment” as a photographer would say–or are we out of balancefilm required with Gods Light which we dim to make things black and white. We can “fine-tune” our thoughts daily as we walk   [WITH HIM]  not without him.  AT times I feel like my memory is stuck on the start button, with knowing I should read the instruction manuel…(you know, Gods inspired WORD) BUT, I skip over this part and tell God: “its ok, God I got this one…I dont need you today, as I have everything ALL planned out. Light expands the darkness in our lives, if we just open our eyes and look around? God has already made the “scene” for your eyes to capture…IF we are paying attention to the details and have are lens ready!

say cheese...

so, how about you…what colors are your memories in; do you have the right film loaded?

film required



One comment on “is your photo black and white or in color?

  1. Enjoyed reading your perspective on having the right film loaded. To often we focus on the wrong things in life, don’t we?

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