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“muddy- footprints”

An artist who gives us a glimpse of  this man called Jesus: ever notice that Jesus has “muddy-footprints” all over the Gospels?  Cant you just picture Jesus footprints in the wilderness? or each time he claimed earthly power through his fathers Glory- what about Jesus walking on the wrong side of the street with the wrong type of people….or walking over to a man who is wracked with diseases?

I would want to see the footprints where Jesus walked up to the man in the sycamore tree named Zachaeus!—even better-Jesus says, lets walk on over to your house for dinner-as tax collectors are probably perched somewhere in the trees too–( the tax collectors)- what about them, the look on their face when he approached them in the midst of a crowd of unsaved people?

BUT most of all- when Jesus took his steps while stumbling toward Golgotha-(loving us through the entire time…)

“thou your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow”; are you following in “his-footsteps” as He carries you?


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