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“under new-management”

this day

All of us from time to time have noticed the words “Under New Management” over the door or in the front window of some place of business.   Those words convey a series of thoughts and impressions to our minds.
When we see those words, we know immediately that this business has experienced a change.   The most obvious change is that of leadership.   But with new management comes new motivation and new methods in the way business is conducted.

Since the Christian is under new management, there is:    I Corinthians 6:19-20

By reading the meanings of these 3-words- “under”:  below or  beneath

“new”: of superior quality; made or to become fresh

“management”:  judicious use of means to accomplish an end

to speak on the lighter side-even if we are NOT always in leadership positions, we should always conduct ourselves in a manner which God could  say…”well done thy good and faithful servant” as we strive for the “newness” of our minds as well as hearts. how is our time spent each day? or how much of the day are we noticing…”what time is it”


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