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set apart or being part of a setting

while reading in Psalm 4:3- “But know that the Lord hath set apart him that is godly for himself: the Lord will hear when I call unto him.”  Being set apart for  God involves certain rules…people cant simply choose to designate a thing as “set apart” in any way they want; things can only be set apart for God in the ways HE has ordained.

Imagine if we were to meet Moses- while walking….we come across (the place with the burning bush which was sacred ground) —  in other words (“set-apart”)  what would we think of the expression on his face, the ground in which he stood, the “VOICE” as it spoke?  I think I would be laying on the ground when this miracle was over

other thoughts…the furnishings of the tabernacle that were anointed with oil and blood, which became “especially set-apart” tools of worship. ( this requires devotion to God )

Am I doing my best in being “set-apart” or simply just being “part of the setting” shaking off the dust from the world in which I travel —-this brings to my mind thinking as I daily preview what I have on my agenda for the week:

run and not be weary

 now most of the dates I have in writing- time, place, when, where, is documented all over my calendar….BUT the “WHAT” is the option I choose to do action wise, as each thing occurs keeping in the “mind of Christ” as to what I am capable of accomplishing through HIS-Strength. note to self—- this is not my strength (as I so often feel like I have been wondering in the wilderness at times?)  Philippians 4:13

How OFTEN has He “carried” you/ how often has HE taken you out of the ” worlds-setting” to bring you back into being “set-apart” from the world.


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