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greet one another with a “holy” kiss

A Holy- kiss: found in [Romans 16:16;  I Corinthians 16:20;  II Corinthians 14:12; touch their heart I Thessalonians 5:26; I Peter 5:14]

there are all sorts of  kisses– like when mom or dad arrive home and their kids may be smothered with kisses…(as a grandma I can relate also to this one!)  a simple kiss on the cheek to your grown daughters– or what about receiving a kiss from your “tail-wagging” dog or the “purring-kitten” as they snuggle up against you-

I can remember when my dad was in Viet-Nam—— my mom and us kids would write letters to my dad, and my moms letter would have the words [“S.W.A.K”]—– on it; now if you dont know or have never heard of such a phrase?– its “Sealed- With- A- Kiss”.

A kiss can say “hello” or “goodbye”; I think the 1st kiss in the Bible may have been when God  breathed life into Adam (the kiss of life) found in Genesis 2:7


The MOST FAMOUS Biblical kiss (you may already have gone there mentally wise….)WAS –  one of the disciples  named Judas who gave Jesus (the kiss of betrayal or the kiss of death) this kiss of death was given in the Garden of Gethsemane, the place where Jesus and the disciples went to, after they had finished celebrating their last Passover meal together.  In Matthew 26:45-50 we find the power  in a kiss which hurts, destroys, [as well as murder I would think in my mind…] which was the “ultimate” kiss of death.

the best kiss in life: is the one which says “thank-you”, or “you’re special” or “I love You”; God LOVED YOU  enough to send HIS very best GIFT-his one and only Son.


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