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stone rolled away

“Stone rolled  away”

The women were going that Easter morning in sorrow and grief. They took with  themselves various spices so that they could extend a last courtesy to Jesus and
  anoint his body in death, so that he might rest in peace.
As they approached the tomb they saw that the stone was rolled away. On a  closer examination they noticed the tomb was empty. The Bible says simply that  they
stood there puzzled about this. They had problems. What thoughts must have  rushed through their minds? Their already burdened and anguished hearts were
becoming heavier with another added problem: “Where is Jesus?”
He's alive

   Suddenly all these moments of deep grief were lifted from them. An angel appeared before them. A simple question “Why are you looking among the dead for

one who is alive?” Then there was the simple follow up comment, “Remember what he said to you while he was in Galilee.”

His resurrection, the women and Christians at times forget the significance and impact of it. As we have already noted the Jewish authorities had not forgotten

what Jesus had said. Never let us overlook the words of Jesus concerning his resurrection. We know the tomb was empty for he had risen. We know the

wonderful impact that has for us in our life.

                                                                                         V.O.T.D-   Deuteronomy 1:21   “Fear not , neither be discouraged”.


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