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plant, sow, reap

Sowing to the Spirit

James 3:9-18

In all our daily choices, we either “sow to the flesh” or “sow to the Spirit”—— (Gal. 6:8)    What actions and thoughts have I been taking lately?  we plant seeds that affect what kind of person we’re growing into and the level of impact our lives will have for God.


“The flesh” is the part of us that wants to live like we DONT need the assistance of the Lord.  As humans, all of us have to deal with the (magnet type of pull) of this type of  attitude; we don’t lose this “flesh” type of mindset automatically when we’re saved……. However, the Holy Spirit frees us from slavery to the flesh. He begins to change us so we can turn from the deceptive lure of living for self and instead start to live according to the truth. The choices we make contribute to the process of transformation–(Romans 12:1-2)  points to ponder….am I in alignment with the Spirit’s work? or am I standing/blocking the HIS effort- i should be the farmer who is willing to  plant good seed that results in even more new growth….BUT  I fail often, God is there to remind me the fields are empty and are in need of “tending” by HIS-servant.

family of the Lord

When you’re sowing to the Spirit, you’re accepting God’s truth into your mind and heart. Then you’ll begin to experience some of  the fruits of the “abundant” life, which comes from truly knowing the Lord (John 17:3). The fruit of the Spirit grows naturally from these seeds of Godly truth and influences every aspect of your life. When you tend/feed your spirit with the things of God, you’re going to become stronger, more Christ-like, and more full of His life in your thoughts and actions.

Are you feeding your spirit in the wellspring of your life, or are you feeding the part of you that wants to act independently of God? Do your choices sow seeds that are building you up, making you different, and letting streams of living water flow from you to nourish others? ——- (John 7:37-39)

[Verse Of The Day]———————   “Taste and see that the Lord is good.  “Psalm 34:8”


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