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“order my steps”

Is God in the “order of my steps”-strong in the Lord

People are saved when they trust Jesus Christ as Savior and choose to follow Him. It is not always right then, when we realize the true “power” of this high such BEING. 

 What is my benefit, most people are thinking as they seek the correct path or steps to take. The  oneness with Jesus (John 10:30) tells us that God wants to have a good relationship with HIM/the same as a parent would with a child; no matter how old he or she may get. 
Who is my guide, as i walk through the rain?  or better yet-who shows me the direction in the “darkness” of life and its struggles….. Decision making is a part of everyday life. It is impossible for a me to know every hidden “yield-sign” or “stop-sign” which I just dont quite capture while the trial is distracting me; choosing which path to take I should be knocked on the head at times not taking in the scene as the Lord knows all things—past, present, and future. With Godly wisdom available, it’s hard to understand why I would prefer to trust in my own instinct?
  There will be hard times, but God gives Christians everything necessary for following Him (Phil. 4:19).  And His grace will always prove more than sufficient (II Cor. 12:9).
How abundantly God gives to His children!  Caution, caution– these gifts are effective only when we are walking IN the Spirit/striving to be more obedient to Him. 
The Heavenly Father desires that all of His sons and daughters have these blessings; if you’re living in obedience before Him, they are available to you. Is there anything getting in the way of my total submission to Him? or am I walking in the dark, or being drowned in an ocean of fear due to the wrong path which my feet/mind chose to take me….

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