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life is but a dream?

Beyond A Vapor…


if you stand alone

Are you in pursuit of life’s happiness?  without God it would seem we are just drifting without a sail… but we are just a vapor and need to discover our purpose through the reading of God’s Word.  While being a “care-giver” this kind of smacked me upside down at times…at least it seemed this way; I am so very thankful that God has paid the redeeming price of HIS one and only Son, so I can fulfill HIS purpose which makes me stand strong while carrying his armor/as well as wearing HIS-ARMOR!tools required-

I like to be outdoors tending to a garden, as well as “grooming my grass” at times….. the weeds just creep in over night?  like its their purpose to make me miserable thinking I pulled the last one, or they even hide behind one of their friends with trunks attached in disguise!!!    In my garage I have a tool-box: which I pretty much know what tools are for what…as well as the purpose for each one  of them; now I cant use all of the tools at once! a hammer cant do a job of a screw-driver, nor a wrench to the job of a nail? all is used accordingly/all has a function. This is the same application in our lives as the provision is made to be the “care-giver” of the BEAUTY all around us.

whats in YOUR tool-box?

whats in YOUR tool-box?

So what is my purpose- God gave us instructions in life since he created it, its called HIS-WORD…., this gives me peace knowing that I am not just a vapor floating around somewhere and disappearing in the midst of the midnight sky. God also gave us the right tools if we chose the proper ones out of HIS “tool-box” as the lid is always open for us.  If you never OPEN the tool-box then you dont know how to mend or repair any damage which could be prevented, OR to set apart something to begin a NEW object for for our eyes to capture.


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