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“sparky” a.k.a—snoopy

What comes to mind when you think of the comic strip “peanuts”? snoopy was my favorite character as he took on many different characters and seldom had to speak a word!  Snoopy was born October 2nd 1950
    from a litter at “daisy hill puppy farm”. —-[imagine, God chose us we DIDNT chose HIM; am I  walking daily with him? or am I just walking….]hug time
   He lived in the same direction of Charlie Brown/which the 2 make accusations back-n-forth of following each other? Some of his manners were: growling, sobbing, laughing….pretty much a pantomime; he was even in the musical called: “you’re a good man Charlie brown”, in which his thoughts were verbalized by voice make overs.  Snoopy did have some charming quirks:
 became most famous while sleeping on top of his doghouse, pretended he was a WWI airplane-pilot, best friend was the little yellow bird named “Woodstock”, also played shortstop on Charlie brown’s sandlot baseball team.—[I am thankful I can access the Gifts of the Spirit, even in the valleys of life when the “deceiver” is trying to charm me?]
todays lesson: which master do I follow today?
todays lesson: which master do I follow today?
His complex character with many likes/dislikes–he loves root beer and pizza, yet hates coconut candy? eats bones by the dozen, gets claustrophobic in high weeds and is deadly afraid of
icicles hanging/forming over his doghouse; something comical-he can use his ears to fly like a “whirlydog” while understanding French? even invents his own “dancing star“.—[ I am fearfully and wonderfully made; god already knows the plans for me, before I get wrapped up in the whirlwinds of life itself]
                      V.O.T.D–  “Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord”  Psalms 31:24

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