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Come Holy Spirit

Our Salvation is not based on our “works” thank goodness! We are redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, even though we struggle daily with sin which defeats us? Have you ever sat in Gods-House feeling like you don’t even know where you are mentally? My personal growth should depend of what passions in life do I have for the Lord, as well as digging deeper into His-Word ….after all everything is possible WITH God-
humble thyselves in the "sight" of the Lord
As I near the thoughts of what the Lord had to endure as he carried “the cross” up the-rugged  hill, I am simply in AWE of what HE did for me. This man gives me strength each day to carry on, despite what the world keeps throwing at me, only with HIS-GRACE do I complete another day!  How many times does the Lord have to keep reminding me of the “abundant-life” in which HE has promised? answer: until I figure it out or get it right… although I don’t always have claim to the happy circumstances I can still take the JOY by the relationship I have with HIM. Do I need fine tuning today?—-yes, as my heart gets its spirit crushed at times when I live so much in the flesh and not by HIS-SPIRIT. In other-words don’t drown myself in the storm in which I am not in, BUT am watching unfold as I selfishly seek control of.

“Teach me thy way O Lord”—–(Psalms 86:11)

Submission to the will

Of Him who guides me still

Is surety of His love revealed;

My soul shall rise above

This world in which I move,

I conquer only where I yield.


Not what I wish to be,

Nor where I wish to go,

For who am I that I should choose my way?

the Lord shall choose for me.

Tis better far I know,

So let Him bid me go or stay


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