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100 % percent chance of rain…

imagine you are “Noah”…you know its going to rain for 40 days & 40 nights. You also know that dams will burst, rivers will overflow, sewers will back up—–the earth will be covered with water! God then tells you that He’ll permit only you and a few others to board the “Royal Princess”

daily walking close to thee.....

daily walking close to thee…..

Do you know my Jesus?

Do you know my Jesus?

death intruded, yet I still hear HIS voice

how deep is my love for HIM?

Now space is a major issue or restriction on this Royal Princess….you may only bring along what you can carry in your arms aboard this ship! “what will you bring with you?”  think about how big is your jacket? or how deep are your pockets? or how many layers of clothes you may have on to carry so many objects? hmmmm….is there a weight limit? not according to the WORD-

Would you bring items from your room, or would you simply carry your most worn out Bible? what items would you take for memory purposes….or music?


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