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he who has the most toys…wins?

I know while growing up we tried to keep up with the “newest” trend of toys, dolls or games for that matter; it seemed to of made us fit in the cool group even if the “cool friends” didn’t always see proof of us owning such an object! The phrase “the one who dies with the most toys wins” shouldn’t be describing our success? 

toy: record playing melodious music!

toy: record playing melodious music!

                                                                  toy: the farmer saystoy: the farmer says

BUT it fits in the category of us even when we are adults. We want our dreams to come true, getting everything we want instead of need? Earning enough money to not have to work again?   this is so very close to by little world in which I am living as God is reminding me to lean on HIM not the fears which entangle me. 

                                                                                       toys from the past…

                                                                                        toys from the past...what is success? its progressive realization of the WILL of God for your life. What its not: how famous you are in a group of people, how healthy you are, how many toys you have acquired. The question to self is- am I in God’s will today? is my heart “right” with God currently? if the answers are no, then what am I going to do about this in my life-What does God require of me?—Micah 6:8; What is God calling me to do?— Psalms 37:4


V.O.T.D.    “And be not conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove that what is good, and acceptable, and in the perfect will of God.”  —Romans 12:2 



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