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treasure in earthly vessels-

If we take a look at Paul what are his ministries? he treasures the Gospel, the Word of God, the Light and Glory of God as well as God’s presence. Paul wants us to understand that God has made accessible to us an incredible spiritual treasure….its simply residing in our “earthly vessels” called our bodies; the treasure is in you and me!clay vessel for use with our earthly vesselBut this “treasure” needs to be poured out; I am thinking that Paul was speaking of 2 particular vessels being used during this day. One was the vessel of mercy and the other was the vessel of honor.

our God is faithful

our God is faithful

One place you would fine the vessel of honor was around the home; people would use the water to wash their feet after traveling the dusty roads before they would enter your house, or they would use the water to  quench their thirst. Like the vessel of honor, we are to wash the feet of our family, to humbly serve them and to help quench their thirst for more of God. The vessel of mercy looked identical to the vessel of honor, but it was

located in public places like the town square, so that any traveler coming through that arid land would be guaranteed to find a fresh drink of water. It was placed where the needs were. We need to take mercy where mercy is needed most—out onto the highways of humanity.

is your "vessel" empty?

is your “vessel” empty?

You and I are the “earthly vessel” filled with HIS spiritual “treasure”, so we need to start POURING out the water in our homes and where ever the people are! Is my vessel currently empty?

 V.O.T.D.  But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of god and not of us.”—    [II Corinthians 4:7]



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