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deflate the pride

Jesus: try ME

Jesus: try ME

 What does the word quarry mean? refers to a hole; the Bible says “the hole of the pit whence ye are digged.” Which makes me think how big or large have I dug this hole, or better yet how deep? Often times we find ourselves in this “pit” but we have too much of the spotlight on ourselves instead of the Lord who lifted us out of this pit, BUT while we are in this level of element we receive HIS-GRACE.  

with God all things are possible

with God all things are possible

walk by faith

walk by faith

A few people who had the “admired holes” in which they dug: Moses-its was murder; Peter- it was public denial; Rahab- it was prostitution. This makes me think of the level in which my heart/mind  has been in the past, being puffed up by the spotlight? when God is the one who should be in this LIGHT but we rob HIM of this blessing by building up our pride instead. So, in other words take a backward-glance at the pit which you may have dug, but don’t STAY in this pit! is my pride inflated too much, or should it be deflated? only God can take me out of the muddy & deep pitted areas of my life if I would simply set down the tools in which I think I need,  and let HIM take over.

V.O.T.D. —“Look to the rock from which you were hewn, and to the quarry from which you were dug”.—[Isaiah 51:1]


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