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funny things that my bird and my grandma’s cats do….

I have a bird and he is awesome.  His name is Zeus and he loves his food, what he does that is funny is he can be very weird sometimes!   My bird lives with me in my house and sometimes my bird  fly’s down on the floor and he walks funny, and  likes to hide under things.

Jonah at grandma's house under the chair

Jonah at grandma’s house under the chair

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            When I come to my grandma’s house she has two cats named Jonah and Josie; and Josie likes to hide in boxes and play in them and go night night in them!  Jonah likes to sleep on the window seal  just like Josie does too…. and Jonah likes to sleep on my teddy bear chair. Jonah and Josie like to chase each other around,  when Jonah was a little kitten he liked to play and eat my hair.  When Josie was a little kitten she liked to get into stuff and mess around and she got in trouble a lot, but Jonah didn’t get in trouble a lot like Josie did. If you put my bird and the cats together they would all get in trouble quickly, they would be a great team together but soon Jonah and Josie would want something to eat….. so they would eat my bird!!!!  My mom and I would not be happy but the cats would and then they would get yelled at for eating the bird.      

Josie, sticking out her tongue!

Josie, licking her lips!

  The cats can be funny and the bird can be funny and weird at the same time just like the cats to. I love my bird and I love my grandmas cats there all funny….. and p.s. the cats are really fat because they eat a lot. ——story by: Kylee Rose Romero——-


One comment on “funny things that my bird and my grandma’s cats do….

  1. Kylee,

    What a wonderful story! How about posting a pic of Zues? Miss and love u lots.

    Aunt Lyn

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