find us faithful

God gives each of us opportunities to help others, and He looks for us to faithfully help others before HE blesses US. For example….Joseph had to help Pharaoh with his dream, before God allowed Joseph’s dream to come to pass.

Maybe you have a dream…is it to be super rich for  the purpose of spreading the Gospel or super rich to live in this world? We are suppose to be “missionaries” where ever our feet are to take us on Gods path. I am like everyone else trying to pay off what ever debts I owe, or pay off the credit card balance; am I giving to Gods work in the Mission Field, or am I robbing God by spending all of the money in which HE bestows for me to receive.

by HIS Grace...

by HIS Grace…




I think the Kingdom could use a multitude of very wealthy people who  have a heart for the lost and a desire to see God’s work succeed and expand. But first I need to be faithful working for the person who has hired me. God is not going to open a door for me to fulfill my dream if I don’t show up for work on time, or if I don’t put in a full days work. Why would God open the door for me to lead my own successful business if I cant be faithful working for someone else?

I am working for “His kingdom” so I should be serving HIM with everything I have while putting HIM first…after all its the most important “thing” in life! how about you are you serving HIM in the mission field, or in the home neighborhood in which you live in? God is always refining me as I am still a “w.i.p.”—work in progress type of servant just like you-

 verse of the day—-“And if you have not been faithful in what is another man’s, who will give you what is your own?”—[Luke 16:12]






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