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praying, singing & talking

Have you ever read the book called “song of the nightingale”? This book has a character named Helen Berhane-who was imprisoned in a shipping container that held about 18 people; in this atmosphere its like the apostles we read about in the New Testament, they are the “heroes” in my opinion as they were the ones that encouraged others by their testimony as well as their boldness.

I will praise the Lord


Remember  reading about where  the walls of Jericho came down because of praises?  If we keep complaining, we cannot win the battles. Instead we must continue to pray, sing & talk to God. (I love to sing, struggle with talking to God as I should, BUT honestly pray as often as I can) Satan wants to use discouraging words as a weapon against us, so we must continue to praise God in all circumstances. now back to the book…..Cant you see some of the women nodding in this book as Helen is speaking to them? The same applies towards us as we are a child of HIS; are we nodding yes but really meaning NO?

As the story continues…. when the Israelites were approaching the Promised Land they sent spies ahead. Many of them returned saying that the people were so huge the Israelites could not hope to beat them, and so they cried all night.  Crying and complaining cannot solve our problems, although it does send out a release from our emotions which are bottled up inside our mind and hearts. My challenge is to try to be more like HIM! and perhaps taking on the mindset of us trying to be like Caleb and Joshua. The larger our enemies are, the more of a feast they will try to make for us! Just think about the woman who believed that if she only touched the hem of Jesus’ robe she would be healed. In the crowd she was the one who had faith and it was rewarded. We should not be like these people endlessly fighting amongst themselves. We should just reach out to Jesus and have faith.

Are you reading about HIS-WORD daily or just hearing about it weekly? I thank the Lord everyday for giving me eyes to see, a heart to love, and a mind to seek HIM whenever I need HIM the most.


V.O.T.D.–“For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.”–[Romans 15:4]


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